New Food Tuesday – {BACON}

I’ve been chanting BACON at least three times in every single conversation JP and I have had since we decided our next NFT spot would be Austin’s premier pork restaurant, Bacon. Wait, bacon is pork right? I kid, I kid.

Much to my delight (and surprise), JP suggested Bacon. Maybe she felt bad for dragging me to every single gluten-free, raw, all-natural place in Austin or maybe she’s just a good friend, but regardless, this is a “make Lesley happy” kind of lunch spot.

There was seriously bacon EVERYWHERE. The door handles were brass bacon, the walls were decorated with every ode to bacon piece of artwork imaginable, even the floors were lined with bacon!!! Not really, even I think that’s going a little too far.

JP refused to buy me that “Mak’n Bacon” shirt. I’m still kind of ticked off about it, but what can you do. Every friendship has rough spots.

Speaking of friendship. Meet my new best friend. I call her Sassy BLT, but Bacon calls her the Best BLT. Either way, she’s pretty excellent.

Speaking of friendship again. I love having an excuse to go to lunch with JP on a regular basis. She’s one of my only fellow married friends and it’s a delight to talk about marriage, jobs, “life in general” and what God is doing in our lives over a mound of hickory smoked bacon. That my friends, is what a good friendship is all about.

Eat some Bacon! BACON BACON BACON. That was the last time, promise.


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