Better than Brach’s {Fleur de Sel Caramels}

Last weekend, I took a quick trip up to Dallas for the Gluten & Allergy Free Expo.  Seeing as how I am not actually allergic to anything, it was strange to some who asked me why I was there.  It was held in the ballroom of a hotel, and there were literally hundreds of vendors there to get the word out about their services, products, and ideas.

I slowly made my way around to all of the booths.  I met my favorite gluten-free food blogger, Amy, from Simply Sugar & Gluten Free, talked with three girls who just started their health coaching businesses, learned about a new gluten free phone app, and bought two flour blends from Karen at Blackbird Bakery (a local Austinite)!

What does any of this have to do with Brach’s candy?

Well, Friday I left work early and drove to Ft. Worth to spend the night with my bestie, Bree.  I have known her since we were in the 3rd grade, she knows all my dirt, and she still calls me.  That’s a good friendship.  Anyway, she loves spending some time in the kitchen, and she happens to be a fabulous photographer.  I had to use ask her to take photographs for the blog!

We decided to make Ina Garten’s Fleur de Sel CaramelsFleur de Sel is expensive flaky sea salt.  Get ready for the longest post to date because I could not select just a few of her pictures!  The caramel was delicious, and I was happy to leave the majority at Bree’s so that I didn’t eat the entire batch!

PS – You can check out Bree’s point of view of our mini cook-a-thon at Sugar and Grace!


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