Lesson in Futility {Pomegranate}

Taking a leisurely stroll through Central Market’s produce department the other day with a friend at lunch, I picked up a pomegranate.  I have to take out a small loan every time I buy the bottled juice.  Perhaps I can juice my own?

Never again.

First of all, the seeds in the one I bought were clear and slightly pink.  I had read online to use a cutting board you do not care about and put on an old t-shirt because it will stain everything.  This pom certainly did not have the deep maroon color that I had expected.  Secondly, it took probably 30 minutes start-to-finish for a colossal 1/3 of a cup of actual lame-in-color juice.

I looks kind of like large caviar to me, a.k.a. not appetizing.  This only furthered my thoughts on the fact that I am never doing this again.

So what is the deal?  Was my pomegranate not ripe enough?


5 thoughts on “Lesson in Futility {Pomegranate}

  1. I love pomegranate seeds!! So good on salads and as a snack. I’ve NEVER had one that wasn’t super bright red. Sounds like you def got a bad one 😦

  2. They can definitely seem like a chore but once you get the routine down it is so worth it!

    1) Yes, so sorry but something was wrong with your little pomme. It is supposed to be very maroon/red. True seeds actually look like beautiful rubies. 🙂
    2) The best way to cut up a pomme is by plugging your sink & filling it with a few inches of water – so that the juice just goes into the water instead of staining your entire kitchen and clothes. The seeds will sink and the pulp will float. 1st time I cut open a pomme it looked like a massacre had just happened.
    3) I love just serving them in a bowl for guests. It’s exciting. I’m a nerd. Many people have never had a real seed but only the juice so they are very skeptical at first but always come back for more in the end.


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