86 degrees {Healthy orange julius}

It was 86 degrees yesterday in Austin.  In November.  How am I supposed to wear my winter scarves when it is 86 degrees?

I had a bowl of clementines sitting on the counter for a week.  I love these little guys, the problem is, you have to buy them by the box.  I can never manage to eat them all.

I made this cold and creamy drink so that they wouldn’t go to waste.  I have never actually been to an Orange Julius drink shop, but I googled it and found some recipes that include white sugar, powdered sugar, and vanilla pudding powder packets (???).  This is my take on the drink…and I have no idea if it actually tastes like the ones from the drink shop.  But they are tasty!

{Healthy orange julius}

9-10 clementines, peeled, almost frozen (20 mins in freezer)

1 -2 bananas, frozen

1 c almond milk

2 c crushed ice

1 T ground flax seed

1/4 t vanilla

1 t agave nectar (optional)


Blend it all up!  Garnish with mint if you’re fancy…which clearly I am.  I drink my smoothies from stubby wine glasses = fancy.


3 thoughts on “86 degrees {Healthy orange julius}

  1. OMG this looks amazing! I’ll make it and let you know if it tastes like an Orange Julius.
    PS. thanks but no thanks for the ingredient list for Orange Julius ((barff)) haha!

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