More Soup {Green Chili Lime Chicken Soup}

green chili chicken soup 2

I can’t take credit for this yummy soup.  I cooked it up with a girl friend this week in Amarillo using her aunt’s recipe.  Global warming has officially hit Texas when it is 81 degrees in December in the Panhandle.  It gets cold at night, and we ate this soup outside under the heater.  I somehow managed to survive the cold long enough to beat everyone at Rummy.  Well technically I tied with Marie, but the boys lost so we were still high-fiving!

{Green Chili Lime Chicken Soup}

–    1 Tbsp. olive oil

–    1 onion, chopped

–    4 cloves fresh or roasted garlic, minced

–    10 cups chicken stock ( 2.5 of the 32 oz. cartons)

–    1 can diced tomatoes and green chilies

–    1  can diced green chilies

–    4 chicken breasts, grilled, and chopped/shredded shredded

–    juice of two limes

–    1 1/2 tsp ground cumin

–    1 t chili powder

–    sea salt and freshly ground pepper

–   1/2 bunch cilantro

–    shredded cheese, avocado, corn chips – optional


Place oil into a large dutch oven or pot over medium heat. Saute onion for 5 minutes then add in garlic; cook for 1 minute. Stir in chicken broth, tomatoes, green chilies, chicken breast, lime juice and seasonings. Cook for 5 minutes; taste and season according to your liking. Right before serving add chopped cilantro.

Serve soup with fresh diced avocado, shredded cheese, and crushed chips if desired.

green chili chicken soup



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