Juice On {Green Detox Juice}

Green Detox Juice

Fresh Veggies

{Green Detox Juice}

4 celery stalks

3 cucumbers

1 bunch parsley

1 apple

small piece of ginger (like size of pair of dice)

1 lemon



You can see what the above ingredients created in the picture below.  Total juice is about 30 fluid ounces of green goodness.

Green Detox Juice 1


Green Detox



6 thoughts on “Juice On {Green Detox Juice}

  1. I do love green smoothies. I made one today very similar to yours, but with the addition of frozen organic nectarines from my summer crop and fresh romaine from the garden. I can’t believe the frost hasn’t killed my greens yet!

      • I like to blend them since it retains the fiber content. Also, juicing seems to be too strong for my body. My liver gets backed up because juice releases toxins too fast.

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